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In a world where high level heroes are off in distant lands, slaying Dragons, Un-dead Kings and Necromancers, embarking on epic quests and defeating evil in its most powerful forms, a menace rises from under the earth to steal silverware, wee on things and be a general nuisance.

The Goblin horde comes!

As the leading (the only) pest control service in the land it’s up to you to deal with this mild annoyance, and whatever may follow...

Goblin Pest Control is a top-down hoard defence game which seeks to push the genre into new territory, with chaotic hack n slash combat, random level generation, and a rich, detailed world. It’s currently in its alpha stage so bugs are to be expected. We always love feedback so send us an email or drop us a tweet!


Hack n Trap

goblin head3.png

Rely on your combat ability and in-the-moment reactions with a fast, fun and addicting combat system, or set up traps at night and use the environment to your advantage.

200,000 Acre Forest

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The levels are comprised of handmade chunks, stitched together procedurally. This combination of hand-made and random elements means that the levels feel relevant and impactful on the gameplay, while still allowing for over 200,000 unique levels.

The Green Menace

goblin head2.png

The Goblin hoard comprises of 6 types currently, each with a distinct look and differing AI. Not much of a challenge on their own, but they can quickly overwhelm!


About Us

We are a tiny studio based in Bristol in the UK. Currently we are two illustrators turned game-devs who are working tirelessly, wearing multiple hats at once, all in the name of making, fun, cool things that you can play.

Goblin Pest Control is a product of our shared love of classic fantasy, Jim Henson and action RPGs.

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Help us make Goblin Pest Control better. We always appreciate feedback, bug reports, criticism and any general opinions you might have. Let us know on twitter, or send us an email.

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