Goblin Pest Control

Press Kit


Quick Facts

  • Name: "Goblin Pest Control"

  • Developer: Mantra Team Games

  • State: Playable Alpha

  • Location: Bristol (UK)

  • Team Size: 2

  • Platform: PC - Windows - Controller Only

  • Price: Free

  • Full Release Date: TBA


Use weapons, traps and the environment to your advantage as you battle waves of goblins and uncover an evil lurking in the forest.

Goblin Pest Control is a top-down hoard defence game which seeks to push the genre into new territory, with chaotic hack n slash combat, random level generation, and a rich, detailed world.






Screenshots / Visuals


About Mantra Team

MantraTeam is a tiny studio based in Bristol in the UK, comprising of two illustrators turned game-developers; sharing a house and making games.



James W.E. Brown

Programmer, designer, artist, producer

Alex Moore

Artist, writer, director, animator

Geoff Moore

Music Producer


James W.E. Brown & MantraTeam grants all rights and permissions to use/copy/modify anything on this page for media distribution in all channels and mediums.


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